Noekk - Waltzing in Obscurity (2019)


We just had to wait 11 year for a new full length release, from personal favorite band Noekk. On the bright side, I guess “Waltzing in Obscurity” did take one year less to be released than the time between Empyrium albums. Led by Markus Stock and Thomas Helm, this band is the proggier/psychedelic outlet from Empyrium, as you can hear some minimal influences in this and their previous release. However, this band is a very different outfit with a heavier and trippier edge to its music.

Opening with the album title track, we have a folky opening that evolves into lush vocal arrangements and a retro vibe with its intricate synths. We particularly love that dramatic sound created by the powerful distorted guitars and the clean vocals around the 5 minute mark, which reminds us of Empyrium very quickly. That being the last comparison with their partner band, the album progresses with the psychedelic brilliance of “Perseus” and its superb instrumentation. The drum crash cymbals are just amazingly produced, and are perfectly contrasted with the funky retro synths, making for one hell of a song.

The listener’s journey continues with the expertly crafted “The Mirror” and its magical intricacies. Enjoying the interplay of acoustic guitars, atmospheric keyboards and Thomas Helm’s signature vocals, we are in musical heaven listening to tracks like “The Giant”, “On Summits” and “Mortlach”. Having a certain Opeth-meets-Jess and the Ancient ones, “The Windwaker” is sure to please those fans of 70’s psychedelic rock but with the Noekk twist.

Our favorite track in this release is the dramatic closer “The Lily of Reverence”, where again the synths create a very special atmosphere that is nicely non-linear with the funky tempo changes introduced. Waiting for 11 years was definitely worth it for such an amazing Noekk album. While the EP last year was a good teaser, this release is just so much more complex and engaging. We have heard the full album almost 30 times and we are still discovering new things, so be prepared for quite a journey.

Band: Noekk Album: Waltzing in Obscurity

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: September 6th, 2019

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Genre: Psychedelic/Progressive Doom Metal/Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 95/100

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