Tenebrae In Perpetuum - Anorexia Obscura (2019)


Unleashing a completely abusive Black Metal aural assault, today we have Tenebrae In Perpetuum and their first full-length release in over ten years titled “Anorexia Obscura”. Delivering over 40 minutes of misanthropic BM, this two person outfit has one of the harshest and rawest sounds we have heard coming out of Italy. Filled with haunting vocals, savage riffs and dissonant atmospherics, this release will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Opening with the violet screams of “Dissonanze mentali'', the album’s pace is set with furious riffs and hyper intense drums. The music is quite basic, but direct and relentless, reminding us of old-school Black Metal from the 90’s. Completely changing the pace of things, the album title creates a very ritualistic and suffocating vibe, thanks to the crushing bass guitar line and eerie riffs. The sickening mid-tempo that is crafted by the band is unreal, as it allows for tracks to be truly immersive.

Packing a killer punch, “Oscillazione ipnotica profonda” is one of the most hellish tracks we have heard in quite a while. Other songs dabble in darker and more sinister territories like the exhilarating album title track and the psychotic “Criogenia Letale”. For those looking for intense madness, “L'epoca oscura del caos” is one hell of a ride packed with blistering riffing and a certain South Asian Black/Death Metal edge to it in its crushing guitar solos.

Having a bit of everything for everybody, our favorite track is the diabolically incisive “Nero, oscuro concetto di assoluto”. Overall, “Anorexia Obscura” is one powerful release filled with raw emotion and thundering brutality. We particularly enjoyed the nonlinearity of Tenebrae In Perpetuum’s music, as it will keep you guessing from start to end. Highly recommended for fans of the bizarre and extreme.

Bands: Tenebrae In Perpetuum Album: Anorexia Obscura

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: August 30th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 90/100

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