Theatre of Tragedy - Remixed (2019)


It has been nearly ten years since Theatre of Tragedy ceased to exist, but they still find themselves in our regular playlist. During their career, the band changed styles multiple times and released seven full-length releases that for the most part were pretty good. In “Remixed” we get a nice selection of the band’s hits, remixed by artists like Das Ich and VNV Nation. While this definitely will not be the cup of tea of fans of the earlier style of the band, it should appeal to fans of their Industrial/Electronic phase.

The album kicks off with a weird remix of “And When He Falleth” by Das Ich. The tempo is oddly shifted and sounds a bit odd, something that fans of this great song will definitely not like. Das Ich does a bit of a better job in adding some spunk to “Black As The Devil Painteth”, making it somewhat enjoyable. We find Icon Of Coil’s remix of “Lorelei” quite catchy and enjoyable, so we decided to keep listening to the full album.

With “Machine” already being one of the band’s most engaging songs from their electronic era, VNV Nation does a killer job in elevating this track to a completely new level of catchiness. Both remixes of “Motion” by Funker Vogt and “Storm” by Zeromancer, are as catchy as they come, making them some of the best in this release. “Frozen” is another one of those odd remixes that is quite mellow, but this time it actually makes the song a bit more enjoyable than the original.

Closing with Siva Six’s remix of “Forever Is The World”, this remixes album offers some good value to hardcore fans of the later stages of the band that are into electronic/industrial music. Overall, we don’t think this is a bad release, but some of the earlier songs are quite butchered and definitely not remix materials. While one can only hope for any more albums from this legendary band, you can quench your thirst for something different with this album.

Bands: Theatre of Tragedy Album: Remixed

Label: AFM Records

Release: July 12th, 2019

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Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 82/100

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