Wolfheart - Constellation of the Black Light (2018)


Consistently over the years Tuomas Saukkonen has written plenty of engaging and gripping Melodic Death Metal songs with his bands/projects like Beyond the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon and Dawn of Solace. Finally focusing 100% in Wolfheart, he has managed to deliver great album since “Winterborn”, with “Constellation of the Black Light”, the band ups the ante with over 40 minutes of haunting music. In the vein of bands like Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, etc. this release is by far their best… to date.

Opening with the ten minute epic “Everlasting Fall”, we get that moody melodic vibe that develops into a brilliant atmospheric piece of music. Instantly we get a frosty Finnish Melodic Death Metal atmosphere that is perfect for head banging or enjoying while hiking in the woods. Throwing a curveball to the listener “Breakwater” has a brutal start, filled with heavy Death Metal riffs and intense drumming, courtesy of Joonas Kauppinen. Contrasting at first, this track nicely mellows out into lush dual vocal passages and Insomnium esque guitar sections that round up a very unique song.

Keeping the intensity going with brilliant songs like “The Saw” and “Forge with Fire”, we particularly enjoy the meaty riffs that sets the band apart from others. These regular Death Metal elements perfectly enhance the experience by giving it a heavier edge, like on “Forge with Fire”. We are suckers for atmospheric keyboards and on this release they greatly contribute to frame the songs and give them that extra level of epicness they deserve, like on “The Defender” and the trippy/dreamy passages of “Warfare”.

Closing with the intricate riffing and drumming of “Valkyrie”, we are left with a certain Amon Amarth vibe from this song, but in a more somber and melodic way. As a whole, “Constellation of the Black Light” is one hell of a release that showcases the band’s musical talents. If you are a fan of Melodic Death Metal, this certainly has to be in your collection and be sure to catch them live on their North American tour this fall.

Bands: Wolfheart Album: Constellation of the Black Light

Label: Napalm Records

Release: Septmebr 28th, 2018

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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