Black Mare & Offret – Alone Among Mirrors (2018)


We are not big on reviewing split releases, but when we saw Black Mare and Offret put into one release, we got quite curious. Unleashing two very hypnotic and highly atmospheric tracks, this 7 inch vinyl and digital release transports the listeners into very carefully crafted worlds. For fans of experimental and highly atmospheric music, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

Opening with Black Mare’s “Woman the Throne”, Sera Timms crafts a very somber and Doomy atmosphere with minimalistic riffs and enthralling vocal arrangements. This track nicely flows, slowly intoxicating the listener with the incisive guitar work and ritualistic drumming. Creating a very dark and dense atmosphere, the six minute duration of this track will feel like a lot longer – in a good way.

Offret takes a different approach and starts slowly creeping into the listeners psyche with Drone-y atmospherics and mysterious spoken vocals. The album suddenly increases its tempo into an experimental ritualistic stage filled with lush saxophone arrangements that elevate this song to a whole new level. A truly unique and yet complementary piece to the first track in this release.

As a whole, “Alone Among Mirrors” is definitely a good primer into the twisted worlds of Black Mare and Offret. Both bands unleash very unique combinations of sounds that transport listeners to mystical locations. If you like weird and different stuff with doomy and drone-y undertones, this is one great split release to expand your horizons.

Bands: Black Mare & Offret Album: Alone Among Mirrors

Label: Dark Operative

Release: April 20th, 2018

Black Mare: Homepage | Facebook Offret: Homepage | Facebook

Genre: Experimental / Avant-Doom

Country: USA / Russia

Rating: 93/100

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