Moonspell – 1755 (2017)


Only getter better and better with time, today we have the legendary Moonspell and their latest musical opus “1755”. Featuring over 50 minutes of highly emotional and intense music, the band continues to refine their sound while unleashing some epic songs with their signature style. If you have followed the band over the years, the constant quality of their releases is unrivaled, this is yet another excellent album that will stand the test of time.

Opening with the reinterpretation of “Em Nombre do Medo” from the Alpha Noir album, the band sets a very dark and sinister mood with the enhanced classical/choral arrangements added to this already intense song. The Middle-Eastern elements of the album title track make it quite engaging a unique, creating a very mysterious atmosphere that is perfectly complemented by Fernando Ribeiro’s signature vocals.

Catchiness is one of the main elements that separates Moonspell for the rest and with “In Tremor Dei” we are treated to a superb chorus section and very playful percussions, which make this track intoxicating and highly engaging. The mood continues to be somber and intense as the band pummels through high-octane tracks like “Desastre”, “Abanao” and “Evento”. Our personal favorite track in this release is the raw and direct “1 de Novembro”, a piece that while raw, it also contains certain elements (keyboards, melodic riffs) that add a melodic edge to it.

Fans of the traditional Moonspell songs from albums like “Wolfheart” and “Irreligious” are particularly going to enjoy “Ruinas” and “Todos os Santos”. The album we received closes with “Lanterna dos Afogados” a very moody and to a point Doom-esque cover song, and the Spanish version of “Desastre”, which is quite enjoyable.

As a whole, “1755” is one hell of a release that showcases why Moonspell has stayed relevant and around for so many years. The band’s ability to craft dark and sinister songs is unparalleled and with Fernando’s vocals as a complement, they are a truly unique and different band. If you are a fan of the band, you will not be disappointed. If you never heard of them, you should definitely get this one and work your way back through their discography.

Band: Moonspell Album: 1755

Label: Napalm Records

Release: November 3rd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic/Dark Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 91/100

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