Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory (2009)

While everybody that knows me or my writing, you can clearly see that I’m no fan of power metal. I don’t have anything against it musically however I hate the vocals style in most of the bands.

This new release of these Swedes starts with a bang with the song “Any Means Necessary” is a traditional power metal anthem, the blazing guitar solos, the (annoying) singing and choirs and the typical head banging melodic part. I have no complaints about this song the choir part even reminded me of Haggard at some point.

I have to admit this album started very well and I was psyched to continue listening to this album.

The songs keep going and while they are all pretty good, displaying perfect musicianship from the guitar players, the bass player, the drummer, well pretty much the whole band, but they songs start to get stale after the first 6 songs or so, and I start to get tired. While they are not bad at all, they just feel like a rehash of the last song and so on, until track nine, all of them feel the same. Why track nine you might ask, is it the end of the album? no it’s because the song is a cover of My Sharona, at this moment I started laughing a bit, but musically is not bad at all, in fact is a pretty decent cover by this band. I have to mention that the ‘occasional’ guitar solos through out the album are very good, as nobody would expect less from this band.

Like I mentioned before this release is very good, and Hammerfall has made an album that will not disappoint their legions of fans, and it’s also a big improvement over their last few albums. I like to be objective and say that this is a very solid release that will achieve ‘legendary’ status by power metal standards.

Band: Hammerfall Album: No Sacrifice, No Victory
Label: Nuclear Blast Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Power Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 87/100

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