Gothmog - A Step In The Dark (2008)

A Step In The Dark is one of those albums you find yourself liking even tough they are not very original. Gothmog is clearly heavily influenced by Emperor, Cradle Of Flith, and many other black metal bands, and you can hear this in their songs

This album is a very solid first release of this band, with some great guitar solos here and there, majestic keyboards like it’s to be expected from any good symphonic black metal band. The vocals are not annoying and are a perfect fit for this album.

While there are tons of really bad symphonic black metal bands, Gothmog is clearly one of the few good ones, being able to create catchy melodies and perfectly crafted songs with nice calm interludes in the middle of some songs.

I have to recommend this release to all fans of the genre since like I mentioned before it’s very good overall.

Band: Gothmog Album: A Step In The Dark
Label: Xtreem Music Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 85/100

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