My Dying Bride - The Lies I Sire (2009)

I have to say that this is one of the albums I have been waiting to hear in 2009. And while their 2006 album A Line Of Deathless Kings was not one of my favorites it still was a pretty solid release, but left me a bit disappointed, not as bad as 34.788% complete, but still not their best.

Anyways going back to 2009, this release has been hyped by the press and their interviews as a mixture of their earlier sound with their newer sound, plus with the return of violin as well.  I have to admit that this statement is 100% accurate, while it’s not like their early 90’s music, it does mix the best aspects of all the releases that MDB has put out.

Aaron’s vocals are great like always ranging from his characteristic mournful clean singing to harsh vocals, and whispers. Also the lyrics are as dark and depressing as always, a must for this type of music. The guitar work is the typical MDB slow and painful but yet powerful riffs and the sporadic changes of tempo, this album shows the maturity of the bands guitar sound since it incorporates elements from their previous releases to perfection. The drums track is perfectly layered in between marking the pace of the songs with the traditional up and downs in every song.

One of the things I liked the most in this album, is that the keyboard and violin are used to perfection complementing their musical style, since they don’t over use them at all in any song, they are just used to highlight small details in their music. Katie Stone is the most recent member to join the band and she fits the band style with perfection, since they keyboards are melancholic and minimalistic as always.

I have to say that this release surpassed all my expectations and all the hype that I read about it, it takes My Dying Bride’s music to perfection, showcasing the things they do well and improving on previous albums. Also the production in this album is top notch since you can listen to every single detail from the music perfectly.

If you are a fan of the band and you haven’t pre-ordered this album, you should go and do it now since it’s truly a gem. On a side note the band will be performing in several festivals this summer so be sure to catch them live if you can, I will for the first time after being a fan for 14 years.

Band: My Dying Bride Album: The Lies I Sire
Label: Peaceville Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Doom Metal

Country: England

Rating: 98/100

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