Dioramic – Technicolor (2010)


Dioramic makes a bold statement on their myspace saying that you can’t categorize their music and they are pretty close to reality. The German trio creates a musical palette featuring influences from Progressive rock/Metal, Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal, but in their own terms making for very diverse and interesting songs.

Signed to Lifeforce records the band unleashes “Technicolor” an 11 song album that will have you scratching your head from song to song. Trying to figure out how the songs will progress was the most fun we’ve had while reviewing albums in the last few days.

Like you can expect Dioramic’s songs are well composed and flow nicely, the use of clean and harsh vocals works perfectly with these songs. The guitar work is pretty interesting and varied, the riffs are different through the album and the guitar melodies are well crafted. The bass guitar is surprisingly very persistent in this album and adds a very melodic layer on top of the guitar work.

All of the 11 songs presented in this album have their own identity and never get dull, switching from faster paced sections to melodic clean vocal passages; Dioramic has managed to create a very unique sounding and dynamic album in “Technicolor”.

In general “Technicolor” is a very solid album that sounds quite different to much of the stuff currently out there. If you like experimental sounding music you will love this, especially since the band using a limited number of traditional elements creates very dynamic sounding music. We will surely be expecting to hear any future releases from this band since they can only get better.

Band: Dioramic Album: Technicolor
Label: Lifeforce Records

Release: March 15th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Progressive/ Post-Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 82/100

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