Trollfest - Villanden (2009)

Trollfest hails from Norway and they try to bring their Troll inspired folk metal to the masses. While the bands concept and website is quite funny, and the language of their lyrics is unique (since they mix several languages in them), the whole thing gets kind of old after the 3rd song.

While the music is not bad, it’s just annoying after a while. They try to sound like Fintroll but this sensation clearly fades off after a while.

I can see people enjoying this music when you are very drunk in the woods somewhere, since some of their songs have a great ‘folk drinking song’ atmosphere.

But in a serious not the album while being good musically, there is only so much accordion that I can take before I want to break the CD.

I must say that if you like bands with funny concepts you will love this band, or if you like accordion based folk music this is also the band for you since their album in general is decent.

Band: Trollfest Album: Villanden
Label: Twilight Vertrieb Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 74/100

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