Semen Datura – Einsamkeit (2009)


Hailing from Germany, Semen Datura displays very promising qualities in a Black Metal band, they have a very (and I mean very) diverse style that ranges from old school Celtic Frost in some parts, to Satyricon, to Darkthrone, to Secrets Of The Moon, etc.

“Einsamkeit” is the band’s 3rd full length album and has made me try to dig up their latest releases so I can see how their sound has evolved (no luck so far in finding their first albums). This album features 10 tracks of pure hellish black metal that will surely please any fans of the genre.

Kicking off with a very simple but yet engaging first track “Fons et origo”, it’s a perfect mood setter for “Unter bleigrauen Wolkenlasten”, one of the best tracks of this release, and the album never let’s go until the end. The band does a great job at combining different styles of ‘historic’ bands and weaving their own net of darkness.

“Einsamkeit” is my favorite track from this album since they use some cello arrangements that give that extra level of eeriness to the song. I wish the band would have used that element a bit more during this release, but for one track is a nice change of pace.

The overall musical composition of the songs is very well structured and features the traditional speed ups that any Black Metal band should have. Also the fusion of the more modern ‘Black and Roll’ elements to their music sounds great. I have to say that all musicians of this band (3 people) are pretty good at their trade, and they are great at taking the good elements of many bands and creating their own sound.

This album will surely please people that are looking for something different but still true to the main foundations of Black Metal, while in the first listens of this album you will not be able to fully appreciate all that Semen Datura presents, once you get over the learning curve, this album is a very strong release that should not go un-noticed by any Black Metal head out there.

Band: Semen Datura Album: Einsamkeit
Label: ATMF

Release: October 16, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 83/100

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