Forgotten Suns - Innergy (2009)

There are hundreds of bands playing progressive metal these days, and Forgotten Suns are one of them. While the album is not bad by any means it just seems like I’ve heard this one before in many other progressive metal releases.

While all the musicians excel at their instruments, it’s really hard to create a good progressive metal album, since all the elements have to blend perfectly with each other. And this album lacks that in some songs, while in some other moments they are pretty good by progressive metal standards.

Like most bands they have to have their Dream Theater sounding parts in some of the songs (Outside In), but the vocals here are less annoying than James LaBrie. This album has some pretty good parts, some really cliché parts and some uninspired parts as well.

The production of this album is pretty good, however in some parts the keyboard drowns the rest of the instruments (maybe this was the idea), and the vocals are low in some points. In general I would recommend this album to fans of the genre that are looking to own and overall good progressive metal album to listen.

Band: Forgotten Suns Album: Innergy
Label: PROGROCK RECORDS Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Progressive Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 78/100

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