Entwine - Painstained (2009)

Well…. we have here another release of Finnish gothic rock/metal. Entwine, in my opinion, is a very close contender to HIM’s gothic rock/metal supremacy crown. This band keeps getting better in every release they put out, however, in my opinion, their main downfall is that their vocalist sounds too plain and uninspired (compared to Ville Valo and others).

This album is petty good in general with great catchy songs and everything, but it just does not move me anymore, and it feels like I’ve heard the same album/style/band when I listen to a new release or a new band in this tired genre.

But the newer generations seem to like this style of music, so I can recommend it to them no questions asked, since Entwine always produces quality releases.

Band: Entwine Album: Painstained
Label: Spinefarm Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Gothic Rock/Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 80/100

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