Onslaught - Live Damnation (2009)


“Live Damnation” is the latest offering from British Trash Metal legends Onslaught. We usually don’t review live albums since they do not usually feature new material, but we will talk about the recording sound, what’s on it, and such things.

After releasing a so so album back in 2007, the band has been touring extensively so they decided to release a live album. “Live Damnation” features 8 tracks of old school Trash Metal that brings back those glory days.

Featuring most of the same tracks featured in their “Live Polish Assault” DVD with the exception of “Destroyer Of Worlds” and “Seeds Of Hate”. So this CD is for hardcore fans of the band or people that missed that DVD.

The sound on the whole album is probably directly from the console and is very good, capturing the live essence of this band perfectly. All songs are masterfully executed and sound as good as always.

Besides the previous paragraphs we can’t really say much more about this release except that if you are a true fan of the band or if you are looking to get a ‘greatest hits’ album of this band, then go and get this release since you will not be disappointed.

Band: Onslaught Album: Live Damnation
Label: Candlelight Records USA

Release: August 11, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: England

Rating: 80/100

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