Kjeld / Wederganger – Split (2016)


Showcasing two of the most interesting Dutch Black Metal bands, today we have Ván Records Kjeld and Wederganger split release. Unluckily released at the end of 2016, this split release deserves your attention as it delivers five Black Metal tracks that range for raw and atmospheric to catchy and creepy. As a highly recommended release for BM fans, this is the perfect introduction to two bands killer sound.

Kjeld opens the release with the pummeling “Banier van Frisia”, this opening track sets a very intense mood with crushing riffs and superb drumming. Remind us at times of bands like Algazanth, “Wanskepsel” perfectly blends atmospheric elements with melodic riffs, a perfect blend for headbanging passages. The last Kjeld track is the blistering “Keningsein”, a furiously paced piece that again features that cold and dissonant Scandinavian Black Metal vibe.

Being fans of Wederganger since their amazing 2015 debut release “Halfvergaan ontwaakt”, we were psyched to see the band as part of this split release. Their opener is the Black’n’roll-ish “Laaiende Haat”, a piece that slowly grows in tempo and has all the staples of a catchy but punishing BM track. The eerie clean vocals (complementary to the harsh ones) make this song quite creepy and very interesting towards its conclusion. Keeping the best for last, the superbly catchy “De Galgenberg” is a very hypnotic piece that blends furious Black Metal with some Goth Rock elements (it sounds weird, but it is quite awesome).

As a whole, this split release delivers five brilliant tracks of differently crafted Black Metal that will certainly please any connoisseur of the genre. For those that like more atmospheric and straightforward Black Metal, Kjeld has your covered. For all other that prefer more diverse and genre-pushing incarnations of the genre, Wederganger will not disappoint.

Bands: Kjeld / Wederganger Album: Split

Label: Ván Records

Release: December 16th, 2015

Official Site: Kjeld / Wederganger Social Media: Kjeld / Wederganger

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 92/100

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