Earth and Pillars – Pillars I (2016)


Recently released on Avantgarde Music, today we have Italy’s two man battalion Earth and Pillars with their sophomore release “Pillars I”. Delivering four tracks with over 60 minutes of relentless Atmospheric Black Metal, this band stands out from the competition with their Dark Ambient and Noise-ish influences. While everybody is trying to sound like Alcest, Deafheaven or Ghost Bath, this band marks their own path with their ravaging sound.

The opener, “Pillars” slowly builds up to a chaotic mixture of blistering riffs, hyper fast drums, harsh screams and very prominent keyboard atmospheric elements. This mixture works very well in creating an oppressive and wall of sound that at times has some certain Noise-ish influences that bands like Ash Borer combine with their Black Metal, as we can hear in the multi-faceted “Myth”. This track has a very moody and cinematic vibe to it, making it an exhilarating listening experience.

After a demoralizing opening, “Solemnity” suddenly changes gears into a more mellow and atmospheric piece as it hypnotizes the listener, only to unleash more fury later on. The tracks in this release are quite unpredictable, adding to the overall enjoyment of such a complex album. Saving the best for last, “Penn” delivers relentless waves of harsh vocals and crushing riffs. This track feels like a mixture of Anaal Nathrakh and an Autumn for Crippled Children, or in other words: like total atmospheric destruction.

Overall, Earth and Pillars delivers a very punishing Atmospheric Black Metal release that is both uncompromising and highly crafty. If you are tired of cookie cutter Atmospheric Black Metal releases, be sure to check out “Pillars I”, and be prepared to be blown away. We can only hope this band improves with time and continues to deliver these kinds of aural abuse in the future.

Band: Earth and Pillars Album: Pillars I

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: October 30th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 90/100

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