Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter (2016)


Hailing from the UK, today we have Winterfylleth and their crushing fifth full-length release “The Dark Hereafter”. Crafting a very unique atmospheric brand of Black Metal, the band manages to deliver 40 minutes of relentless music. Improving upon their already refined style, the band perfectly captures oppressive atmospheres and blistering drumming into an all-encompassing well rounded package.

The album opens with the mesmerizing title track, filled with aggressive BM riffs and hyper-fast tight drums, creating a whirlwind-like atmosphere filled with brutality. With such an intense opening, the band manages to transition into a more melodic driven “Pariah’s Path”, which builds an intense atmospheric cloud around itself. This nine minute peace perfectly captures the band’s balance between melody, atmosphere and brutality in such a lush and yet devastating way.

As the album progresses, we note the very Deafheaven-esque “Ensigns of Victory”, granted this piece has a certain darkest atmosphere; it has an uncanny similarity to the Americans work. Moving into more hypnotic and melancholic territories, “Green Cathedral” is our favorite track in this release. Filled with surreal soundscapes and a slow buildup, this track is pure atmospheric magic, showing a different side of the band.

Closing the album with the cover from Ulver’s epic “Capitel I: I Troldskog Faren Vild”, from the “Bergtatt” album, the band perfectly nails the immersive atmosphere crafted by this track thanks to the mixture of melodic riffs and clean vocals. Overall, “The Dark Hereafter” is a very solid Winterfylleth release which continues their legacy of one of the most interesting melodic/atmospheric Black Metal bands. If you like bands like Wiegedood, Abigail Williams, (old) Ulver, and Der Weg Einer Freiheit, this band will surely keep you entertained.

Band: Winterfylleth Album: The Dark Hereafter

Label: Candlelight Records

Release: September 30th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 90/100

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