Eltharia – Innocent (2014)


Featuring a very unique combination of almost every genre in metal, minus all the ‘heavier’ ones, France’s Eltharia delivers their sophomore release “Innocent”. Delivering 11 songs filled with memorable moments and solid musicianship, this band has been around since 2001 and only released two full-length releases in the process. Luckily, all this experience translates in a very solid and well-crafted release that has high replay value.

Opening with the Power Metal anthem “Third World War”, the band sets a pretty high bar for this release. Moving into more Progressive territories, “Spite Still Remains” gives us a very interesting mixture of soaring clean vocals and growls in a Stratovarius-like environment. The band’s ability to mix styles is quite good as they produce some very memorable tracks, such as the epic album title track “Innocent” and its excellent guitar leads.

The band weaves back and forth between Progressive Power Metal and even traditional Heavy metal as we get to enjoy (in contrast) “Would I Remember You” and “Faster Than the Reaper”. With pretty solid musicians, the band seems to be able to pull off excellent guitar leads, melodic keyboard sections, and very hectic bass and drum tracks, the minimum pre-requisites for solid Power/Progressive Metal bands.

As a whole, “Innocent” is a very diverse and complete release that will appeal to any fans of Power/Heavy/Progressive Metal thanks to its intricate and entertaining tracks. With over 10 years of existence, this band knows exactly how to write songs and engage the listener. We hope to see this outfit getting more attention from labels, so they can spread their music even further in the future.

Band: Eltharia Album: Innocent

Label: Self-Released

Release: November 25th, 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Power/Progressive/Heavy Metal

Country: France

Rating: 86/100

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