NovaReign – Reign of the Infinite Sun (2014)


Hailing from the USA, where we do not have a lot of Power/Progressive Metal bands, today we have Power/Progressive Metal California outfit NovaReign and their first demo release. With “Reign of the Infinite Sun”, the band delivers four very promising tracks that with a little more work could be outstanding.

Opening with the exciting “Call on the Storm”, the band showcases excellent musicianship and technical proficiency. The thing that brings down the experience is the not-there-yet vocals of David Marquez. While his range has potential, it still needs to be definitely worked on. As the epic riffs, tight drumming, and proficient guitar work continues on tracks like “Crimson Shield” and “Beyond the Cold”, we also noticed that for a demo in 2014, the production is a bit flat. A better job when mixing should do the trick and elevate the band’s sound.

In terms of skills, NovaReign crafts very intricate and enjoyable songs, showing they definitely have what it takes to stand out from the rest. Our favorite track is the epic closer “Black as the Dead of Night”, a song that features a furious pace and excellent guitar solos. The band’s guitarists Danny Nobel and Balmore Lemus do an excellent job in carving catchy melodic and epic passages.

Overall, “Reign of the Infinite Sun” is a very solid demo that has some things that need to be tweaking before the band can make a real impact. However, the majority of the core components, such as the musicianship, are top notch and should take NovaReign places if they keep improving. If you like Power Metal with progressive elements and don’t mind the occasional bad vocal melodies, give this band a try.

Band: NovaReign Album: Reign of the Infinite Sun

Label: Self-Release

Release: January 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Power/Profressive Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 82/100

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