Sarvas – Sarvas (2014)


Completely redefining what we know about Sludge Metal, today we have Sarvas and their self-titled debut release. Fusing elements of Death/Doom Metal with some Groove and a base of Slude, this Finnish band manages to craft a very unique sound that is far from the traditional (and sometimes dull) Sludge Metal genre. Delivering 6 punishing tracks, this release will surely have something that everybody will love.

Opening with “Kindle”, we get a traditional beginning to this song that slowly that sets up the stage for the forthcoming onslaughts. The album quickly evolves into catchy, groovy, atmospheric brilliance, as we get to listen from the emotional “Dead Pilot”. Don’t you even think for a minute that the Sludgy riffing is lacking in this release, since “Pit” makes it quite clear that you will feel the power of Sarvas’s Doomy riffage.

With no signs of winding down, tracks like “Done Shattering” and “Spinecracker” keep things rolling with incisive guitar work, powerful snarls, and excellent drumming. The band does a great job in keeping every track different from each other and by throwing in some instrumental acoustic interludes; they allow the transition between songs to be quite crafty.

The release closes with the riffing onslaught of the epic “Deeds” and its very doomy vibe. As a whole, Sarvas has managed to craft a very unique non-tedious and repetitive Sludge release with tons of other elements. For us this is quite a feat since we get tons of albums that are just exactly the same every day. If you like distortion, riffs, and an full order of crushing music, look no further and pick up this solid release.

Band: Sarvas Album: Sarvas

Label: Self-Released

Release: 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Sludge/Groove Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 86/100

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