Ewigheim – Nachruf (2013)


With an all-star line-up of musicians, led by Konstanz (The Vision Bleak), today we have Ewigheim and their fourth full-length “Nachruf”. Featuring 11 tracks of very diverse music, this band further expands their sound into very interesting and diverse territories like Dark and Doom Metal. With the help of Markus Stock (Empyrium), Yanit (Eisregen), and West, this band delivers one of the most unique and rich musical experiences of 2013.

Opening with the (old) Empyrium-esque “Zwischen Menschen”, the band immediately makes a powerful impression with powerful guitars, melancholic vocals, and killer atmospheric keyboards. Things get a bit funkier with the Gothic “Die Augen Zu” that sounds a lot more catchy and inventive with cool electronic elements. The rollercoaster continues returning to darker and mellower territories with the solemn “Am Meer”, followed by the Lacrimosa-meets-Eisregen “Heimweh” and the more traditional Gothic “Ein Nachruf”.

As you could have pictured by now, this release is quite diverse and all over the place, allowing the listener to fully experience the range and wide variety of abilities of the members of Ewigheim. The overall melodic and melancholic vibe in the album is excellent and tracks like “Liebes Lied”, “Falsches Herz”, and “Glueck Im Unglueck”, songs that cover a wide spectrum of styles and intensities but have that signature sound of the band very well carved into them.

Closing with “Wenn es am schönsten ist” and “Sanctum Imperium”, the band shows once more their versatility with the Vision Bleak-esque “Wenn…” and the darker “Sanctum Imperium” featuring Blutkehle of Eisregen on vocals. As a whole, “Nachruf” is a pretty intense and diverse release that further expands the band’s legacy. Ewigheim has a very unique signature sound that has been evolving over the years and on this album they take it even further. Do not hesitate to buy this album if you like well-crafted and very dramatic and theatrical Gothic Metal with plenty of outside elements.

Band: Ewigheim Album: Nachruf

Label: Massacre Records

Release: October 29th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Black Metal / Avant-garde Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 94/100

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