Sons of Lioth – Large Hadron Collider Spider (2013)


Delivering five tracks of balls to the wall Heavy Metal, today we have Sons of Lioth and their latest EP “Large Hadron Collider Spider”. Filled with attitude and a very retro vibe, this Belgian band rides the wave of bands like Enforcer, and can be categorized New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, which is a deviation of NWOBHM and Sleaze Metal. In this short but sweet release you will be taken back in time with an excellent and dynamic soundtrack.

“Merry-go-round” delivers the first blow of hyper catchy retro Heavy Metal with a very sweet chorus section and a plethora of vocals that nicely keep things fresh and entertaining. The main vocalist, Kristof Van Den Bergh, is quite talented and immediately puts his signature on every track that the band presents. The riffing is very engaging and keeps things very entertaining for any old-school Heavy Metal fan. On the track “Large Hadron Collider Spider” we are treated to some awesome solos and excellent melodic structures that keep the headbanging flowing.

Showing a darker and different side, “Trapezium of Hate” nicely builds up to waves of epic vocal arrangements and very typical rhythm sections. By the time we hit “The Vigilante’s Creed”, the band has demonstrated to us how dynamic their music is, and how much they resemble the bands of back in the day, but taking advantage of a crystal clear production.

Throughout the release the lyrics play a very critical function to deliver that Sleaze vibe that only a handful of bands can pull off without being overly pretentious. As the album comes to a close with the anthem “Clovis”, we get crushing soaring guitars and more fabulous vocal arrangements. As a whole, this EP is by far better than most of the mainstream Heavy Metal that was produced in the last 10 years, so keep an eye for this crazy band and their amazing old-school music.

Band: Sons of Lioth Album: Large Hadron Collider Spider

Label: Self-Released

Release: April 25th, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: NWOTHM / Sleaze Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 90/100

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