Serenity – War Of Ages (2013)


After their breakthrough release “Death & Legacy”, Serenity seems to be easing into their own bombastic sound with “War Of Ages”. Incorporating a full-time female vocalist (Clémentine Delauney), the band delivers ten tracks filled with lush orchestrations and very dynamic arrangements. Any fan of Symphonic Metal with some Progressive and Power Metal elements will be eating this one for breakfast… and the rest of the day for countless weeks.

Starting strong with the super catchy “Wings of Madness”, a track that has a killer chorus section and excellent vocal duets, the band shows that their last release was not a fluke. The combination of Georg Neuhauser and Clémentine’s vocals has great chemistry and they sound great in this track (and release in general). In the very Epica-like “The Art of War” and “Shining Oasis”, the band shows their skills on faster paced and more dynamic songs while keeping their own signature sound.

For the fans of Power ballads, “For Freedom’s Sake” has what you are looking for with a very melancholic and emotional delivery. By this time we started thinking that Georg’s vocals remind us a lot of Tony Kakko, not a bad thing we might add. Any fan of the genre will greatly appreciate tracks with epic vocal arrangements like “Age of Glory” and “Legacy of Tudors”. For the more conservative people, “The Matricide” and “Royal Pain” have a more straightforward Power Metal vibe with excellent symphonic components.

Serenity has showed us that they are further perfecting their very explosive sound and that they are making their staple the characteristic vocals of Georg. In “War of Ages” they greatly expand on their previous release and they show that there is no need for special guests to make a killer symphonic album that will stick to your head immediately. If you like Symphonic Metal and are ready for a high-dosage of killer atmospheres and powerful vocals, make sure to get this release.

Band: Serenity Album: War Of Ages
Label: Napalm Records

Release: March 22nd, 2013

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Symphonic Progressive/Power Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 88/100

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