Vitriol – Into The Silence I Sink (2012)


Deliver 60 minutes of super catchy and melancholic Progressive Metal/Rock, today we have Vitriol’s debut full-length release “Into The Silence I Sink”. Combining elements of bands like Pain of Salvation and other Progressive Metal/Rock outfits, this band delivers ten carefully crafted tracks that will move any fan of the genre.

Opening with the very melancholic duo of songs “Behind the Electric Veil” and “Slowly Dies”, the band quickly warms up with very melodic and emotional compositions greatly led by their charismatic vocalist Gianluca Pappalardo. These first songs have a Gothic Rock edge blended into Progressive influences for a very unique and refined sound. Another fine example of this mixture of melancholy and traditional progressive elements is one of our favorite tracks: “Arabesque”.

Things turn into more straightforward Progressive Metal with the track “The Frozen Wind” and its very traditional structure filled with killer guitar parts and intricate drumming. There is a certain vibe to the band’s music in the vocals that can gain them popularity into more mainstream rock thanks to the versatility of their vocalist and their catchy vocal arrangements when the band’s drummer jumps in. The best track in this release has to be the epic “Endless Spiral” and its very dark and technically proficient passages.

As the album comes full cycle, the catchy “Despite Your Circles” has a nice cinematic feel to it, “Oceans” has a very dramatic buildup and climax thanks to some excellent drumming and “The Continuous Struggle” provides a small filler to change the flow of this release. Closing with the atmospheric “Three Times”, the band really makes it hard on to the listener to not be immediately tempted to hit the play button again as this album ends.

Overall, Vitriol does an excellent job in crafting intricate tunes that will keep any fan of the genre glued to the edge of their seat. The band combines Progressive greatness with a dark vibe and produces a very unique and melancholic sound that only older Pain of Salvation could pull off. If you are looking for a very enjoyable Progressive release, look no further and pick-up a copy of “Into The Silence I Sink”.

Band: Vitriol Album: Into The Silence I Sink
Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Release: November 8th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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