Jungle Rot - What Horrrors Await (2009)


Time passes by and Jungle Rot keep releasing their old school Death Metal albums that sound like if they where frozen in time. When I got into Death Metal I remember the bands having this dense gut punching guitar sound that many bands forgot how to play, or use it effectvly. Luckily the American band Jungle Rot is here to remind us what good Death Metal should sound like.

While they are a few smaller and relatively unknown Death Metal bands that are trying to bring the genre back to life (Disgust), there are those who choose to go to a ‘groovier’ sound like Six Feet Under and others. “What Horrors Await” provides us 14 tracks that will take any older metal heard on a trip down memory lane. While some people might argue that the band brings nothing new to the table, I think that there is the need of new releases from the same old school music.

“What Horros Await” is driven by very good riffs that will have any fan head banging from start to end, and during a live performance it’s the perfect music to mosh the night away. The album is very linear in nature but this is never the problem since this is the idea behind the band. There is no need for fancy guitar solos or guitar effects, just plain old Death Metal. The vocals are very good and up to par to classical Death Metal releases.

This album is a nice reminder that old school DM is not dead and that if it’s played right, people will still enjoy. Jungle Rot has been very consistent in all their releases, and “What Horrors Await” is a perfect continuation of their musical career.

Band: Jungle Rot Album: What Horrrors Await
Label: Napalm Records Release Date: May 19, 2009 (USA)
Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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