Dodsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow (2009)


Directly from Greece this one man machine blows us away with his newest opus of Misanthropic Black Metal. Every once in a while we are graced by a release that is so raw and nihilistic, and this months turn belongs to Dodsferd. This album features 2 tracks but provides us with almost 40 minutes of true Black Metal that will make you suicidal (in a good way).

The first comparison that I can think for this band is Judas Iscariot, and from the vocal aspect Burzum comes into mind. Wrath manages to create a very depressing atmosphere that doesn’t get any better than this. “Suicide …” has a very distinctive raw sound that is greatly captured by a good production that highlight the small details that set the mood for this album.

If you are looking for some amazing true Black Metal release with no keyboards or anything fancy, this is the album for you. I will guarantee that you will be intoxicated by the atmosphere created by the album, and haunted in your dreams by the mournful shrieks of Wrath.

Band: Dodsferd Album: Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow
Label: Moribund Records

Release Date: May 5, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 91/100

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