Situs Magus – Le Grand Oeuvre (2012)


Outputting a combination of hateful and weird Black Metal similar to Deathspell Omega and Xasthur with some hints of older Blut Aus Nord, Situs Magus delivers their first chapter with the name of “Le Grande Oeuvre”. Intended as a one piece release, this album is split into five movements that showcase the band’s ability to create wicked atmospheres and delivers gut-wrenching screams accompanied by twisted riffing.

Hailing from France, this new band has a very well consolidated sound for being the new kids on the block. Immediately after the intro, the band’s power is felt by the very dense “Oeuvre au Noir”. Crafting a very depraved and thick atmosphere the band delivers a very grim Black Metal feeling underneath all the atmospheric events. The riffing is quite traditional and the singing is as good as you can expect it, but the pacing of the track is what makes Situs Magus quite interesting.

With the cavernous “Oeuvre au Blanc”, the band further develops their extreme musical tension with punishing riffs and blasting drums. The pacing again makes this song differ from your vanilla Black Metal bands and allows Situs Magus to craft unpredictable tracks that are very well crafted. Our personal favorite is the Doom-ish “Oeuvre au Jaune”, a very powerful track that features excellent guitar work and a destructive atmosphere.

Blasting away with the closer “Oeuvre au Rouge”, the band really makes sure the nails are well hammered into the coffin. Perfectly timing their aural assaults between atmospheric sections, the band really leaves with a great impression and a statement in atmospheric brutality. With a very well-paced Black Metal style, Situs Magus excels in crafting thick and evil atmospheres that make “Le Grande Oeuvre” an excellent and chilling release. This album is the prefect addition to any atmospheric Black Metal fan that wants both chilling atmospheres and brutal Black Metal passages.

Band: Situs Magus Album: Le Grand Oeuvre
Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: September 17th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 89/100

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