Tankard – Thirst (2009)


“Thirst” is the 13th release from Tankard (which by the way means beer mug), and they got the number 13th curse. This album while not bad, it’s very inconsistent. It features some good songs and some filler songs that bring this album down. The opening track kicks the album in high gear, and the next one, is very … dull. This is the pattern throughout the whole album.

This album features Tankard’s signature sound, as well as some interesting elements in different songs that provide more depth to the band. You can expect good guitar solos and riffs scattered throughout the album. The drumming is pretty consistent and well executed. The vocals are typical of all Tankard releases.

As you can read this album sounds pretty standard and indeed it is. The only problem I have with “Thirst” is that only half the album is good, while the other half is just filler songs. While this is consistent with some previous releases of this band, it’s something that after 13 albums they should have corrected.

Overall I recommend buying this album if you are a hardcore fan of the band, or if you are used to buying and album for only several good songs.

Band: Tankard Album: Thirst
Label: AFM Records Release Date: June 2, 2009
Official Site myspace
Genre: Trash Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 70/100

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