Farsot – Insects (2011)


There are tons and tons of Black Metal bands these days, but it is very hard to find the ones that manage to deliver and original album that keeps you wanting for more. Farsot managed to achieve that with their previous release “IIII”, and now with “Insects” the band proves that they are not a one-album kind of band. Playing Black Metal with an edge of Doom and Post-Metal, “Insects” is by far one of the most interesting and different sounding albums this 2011.

“Like Flakes of Rust” opens this release with an atmospheric section followed by heavy guitars and very desolate vocals. Here you can start noticing that while music is aggressive, there is just something that makes it different from the cookie cutter bands (like the subtle bass guitar in this track). “Empyrean” delivers a very effective atmospheric section with nicely distorted guitars and some amazing clean vocals in the same vein as Ulver and similar bands. The riffing is excellent and nicely creates a very powerful atmosphere without being completely on your face.

In a straight forward fashion, “Perdition” delivers more excellent guitar work mixed with harsh/clean vocals. The bass guitar keeps pounding away, while the drumming is very self-contained and nicely keeps things together. The jazzy/Post-Rock instrumental piece “7” nicely splits this release in half, allowing listeners to keep their minds and ear open for what is next to come. Our favorite track is “Adamantine Chains”, in this song the band nicely builds up momentum while delivering a very powerful and direct track.

Keeping things simple, “The Vermilion Trail” and “Withdrawal”, keep their focus on a mid-tempo approach to things nicely adorned by crushing distorted guitars. Both songs have excellent riffing and drumming in them, but the variation in the vocals is what makes them standout from your average band, creating a very interesting flow to them.  Closing the release we have “Somnolent”, a very nice continuation to the instrumental song “7”. Here you can hear the band’s Post-Rock/Metal influences more clearly and we would love to get more of this side of the band in the future.

Overall, Farsot has managed to deliver a very mature album that showcases the talent behind this band. The music is very well written and there is no doubt the band can be aggressive while having their own unique sound. Produced by Markus Stock, this album has excellent production values and a crystal clear sound. If you are tired from all the vanilla Black Metal releases these days, be sure to get “Insects” and start enjoying some REAL music.

Band: Farsot Album: Insects
Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: October 28th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 89/100

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