Brain Drill – Quantum Catastrophe (2010)


We usually stay away from Grindcore bands, but Brain Drill was definitely one of the most interesting bands of that genre that we have reviewed in quite a while. With a very impressive mixture of Technical skills and traditional Death/Grindcore, they managed to grab our attention since the first track of this awesome release.

With a very chaotic feeling to “Quantum Catastrophe” the band showcases their abilities to blend genius with brutality. Taking the genre into new heights (at least for us), the 8 songs in this album can be both appreciated by the technical wiz people and the brutality inspired fans. The album might not have any particular order, but it does a great job into reconciling two genres that have never merged well.

Tons of critics might smash this release because of its lack of direction, but then again its roots are in Grindcore, a genre that is brutal and makes no sense. We have listened to our fare share of crappy Grindcore music that all sounds the same (to us), but we never heard something quite like Brain Drill. This American band is on their second full-length album and it’s ready to blow peoples heads off.

The guitar playing skills are top notch and very well crafted, they might feel a bit disconnected, but this is the whole intention behind “Quantum Catastrophe”, its nature is to be Brutal and Technical and nothing else, no deeper meaning. With intricate riffs, solos and bass guitar lines, the band does a great job into crafting a very chaotic experience that is not the typical crushing riff repeated over and over with some inhuman growls laid on top.

Steve Rathjen growls and screams are so brutal they would make babies want to get back into their mother’s wombs. The combination of this aural aggression, with the intricate guitar work is top notch. But there is also plenty of ‘traditional’ Death Metal riffing in this release that will hook you from begging to end. And with the relentless drumming provided by Ron Casey, we are in ‘brutality heaven’.

“Quantum Catastrope” is an album that will surely be either loved or hated, nothing in the middle. But the bigger issue here is that Brain Drill has something than most of the Brutal DM bands in the American scene do not have: Brutality and technical supremacy.

Band: Brain Drill Album: Quantum Catastrophe
Label:Metal Blade Records

Release: May 11th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

Country: USA

Rating: 86/100

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