Il Rumore Bianco - Mediocrazia (2013)


Packaged in a very well designed Digipack, today we have Italy’s Il Rumore Bianco and their excellent EP titled “Mediocrazia”. In this four sound release, the band seamlessly combines elements of bands like Yes, Elfonia and Dream Theater with some more experimental Jazz and Fusion elements. Led by the charismatic vocals of Eddy Fiorio, this is one extremely refined band that delivers lush atmospheric and melancholic tracks.

The release opens with the playful “Tutto un Sogno” part one that delivers a very Yes-like Proggy Atmosphere. The instruments are very well layered and the psychedelic synths work wonders with the overall pace of the song. The band’s experimental side of things comes out with the intoxicating “Il Vestito Buono, a song filled with excellent vocal leads and quirky tempo changes.

As we get to “Il Primo Attore”, the band starts showing its Jazzy/Fusion elements mixed in with some Spock’s Beard/Hawkwind-esque passages. We believe this is one of the more engaging and interesting tracks of this release since it mixes tons of elements and has a very funky and crafty vibe to it. The release comes to a close with the tour de force of “Tutto un Sogno” part II. The band saved the longest track (9 minutes) for last, allowing the elegant Sax to close down this release with style and melancholy.

Overall, “Mediocrazia” is a very solid release from a promising band. The tracks are a bit short, in terms of your average Prog band, but they deliver their message well and are expertly crafted. If you are looking for another band to complement your Prog collection and don’t mind some experimentation thrown in the mix, look no further and start following Il Rumore Bianco.

Band: Il Rumore Bianco Album: Mediocrazia

Label: Self-Released

Release: November 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive Rock / Jazz / Fusion

Country: Italy

Rating: 88/100

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