Interview With Horde Of Hel

The greatly enigmatic Swedish band Horde of Hel took a few minutes to answer some of our questions, here is what the have to say about their latest album and other subjects:

2009 marks the unleashing of “Blodskam”. What was the motivation behind forming Horde Of Hel? What was the motivation behind “Blodskam”?

- Just complete hatred and disdain for everything this world has to offer.

“Blodskam” features some straight black metal songs, as well as industrial influenced black metal, why did the band members decided to use industrial elements in the band’s sound?

- We just don´t want to limit ourselves to just one partucular style, we feel that we have complete freedom for our creativety with Horde Of Hel. As long as the music is dark and pure, it doesn´t matter if it´s done with a guitar or with electronical devices. We are influenced by many different things. We are often in a very special state of mind when we create our music, often we use a lot of drugs of different kinds. In this state anything is possible, no rules apply, total freedom, total madness.

Can you talk about what are the songs/lyrics in Swedish about?

- Well we have "Dödens ära" which means "Deaths honour",  "Visdomen kallas döden" = "The wisdom is called death",  "Domen mot människan" = "Mans judgement", "Blott tvivel och skam" = "Just doubt and shame", "Död, naturens val" = "Death, nature´s choice". I think the titles speak for themselves pretty much, they are all tributes to the end of all life.

Horde Of Hel presents a very radical ideology, can you explain a more about what the band stands for?

- The Horde is a tribute to total death and the end of all life. Tyranny, pestilence, famin, massmurder and anything else that inflicts human suffering we praise.

Is the ideology of the band the reason the band members want to stay anonymous?

- Well that´s one reason for it. But also we have all played in other bands and so, and we just feel that we want Horde Of Hel to stand on it´s own feet so to say. Who we are is not important, what we do is what´s important.

How do you guys see the current black metal scene, do you think Horde Of Hel needed to be born to set the scene straight with their music and ideology?

- Well like in any scene there is some great bands and a lot of shit. As long as bands like Funeral mist, Ofermod, Watain, Marduk and Craft are releasing music I think the black metal scene will be just fine. But I think that the Horde brings some well needed elements to the table to re-vitalize the scene too for sure. Black metal should be extreme, I think that is forgotten sometimes.

What do you guys think about “Christian” Black Metal?

- Christian black metal? Well there´s a contradiction for ya. I have never heard any such music, and I have no wish to look into it any further.

Any touring planned in support for “Blodskam”?

- Well we have some prospects for the fall, but nothing is 100% yet. So stay tuned for more info.

Will this be a one album type of band? Or will there be any more hate-infused releases in the future?

- We have almost all the music for the next album allready written. And let me tell you, we are taking everything to the next level with the new material. "Blodskam" is just the beginning.

Any other musical projects or ideological movements related or similar to Horde Of Hel, that you want our readers to be aware of?

No, not really.

Thanks for the interview, any other things you guys want to add for our readers?

All hail total death!


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