Interview With Luna Obscura

Luna Obscura is a pretty amazing gothic / death / doom metal band from grece. Their album "Feltia" has been one of the best albums I've heard in quite a while.

Infernal Masquerade: Can you please provide more information / history about the band and band members?

L|O: Our hometown is Serres, Greece. The current line up is: Aris Potonos (male vocals/ lyrics), Gogo Melone (Female vocals / Orchestral), Dimitris Papachristos (guitars/orchestrals/programming), Stratos Kountouras (Bass). We have started putting our ideas on use back in 2000 but with a different line up. There wasn’t any major plan on creating L|O. It was just us. Our musical influences drove L|O’s style towards this direction. Back in 2004 we released Darcanda, the first demo of the band, which went on to received Greek Metal Hammer’s Demo of the Month ‘05. A short schedule of live shows have followed, and 2007 saw the release of “Evilyn” EP. introducing 2 new tracks and bonus material. According to band members personal obligations, we have taken a small break and met up again for the preparation and recordings of our debut album. “Feltia” has been officially released on December 2008. Couple of months before the release Stratos joined our forces, being previously a member of UK’s metallers Vert.

I.M: What are the band’s influences for: music, lyrics and the overall band ‘theme’?

L|O: Dark. :) - Lyrically we inspired from human psychology, moments in everyday life and people’s behavioural feelings. We always liked the combination of male brutal and female vocals. On the recordings of Darcanda, we all understood the importance of Gogo’s vocal abilities and the extra something that she gives on each particular track. Having both Aris’s and Gogo’s vocal melodies collide we think work perfectly for representing L|O’s atmospherical but yet aggressive side.

I.M: How do you think your music has evolved from when you started as a band in 2000?

L|O: Our music have taken a more dark path since then. We don't limit ourselves. As time passes we change, so our music does too. Feltia stays within the same musical genre as the previous releases but, is more mature. It is darker, but it also has a more orchestral oriented character.

I.M: Can you tell us more about the album “Feltia”, is it a concept album? Please elaborate more on how and how long it took to write the album, etc.

L|O: “Feltia is not a concept album. It derives from the words “feel” and fall” and defines the human psychic situation when a person is melancholically and emotionally charged. Recording a full-length album, it was always our main scope, something that we wanted to do in the past, but we couldn't due to financial needs. We started working on the tracks immediately after the release of Evilyn. Some of the material was written in different periods than other. It took us 5 to 6 months in order to refresh and rearrange it, so it does fit well with the rest. Finally everything went well. :)

I.M: The production of the “Feltia” is amazing for a self-released album, can you tell us more about how long it took to record and where, and also about the mixing and mastering

L|O: Thank you. We have spend nearly a year for that. Our producer Stamos Koliousis did a great job. He and Dimitris also have worked for the final mix of the album. In more detail, vocals were recorded in STV Studios by Steve Dickins, and mastering was done from Mika Jussila in Finvoxx Studio. Mika has previously worked bands such as: Moonspell, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica etc.

I.M: Have you been approached by any record labels about signing you? Or re-releasing “Feltia”?

L|O: The truth is that we have been approached from couple of labels but we didn’t ended up on an agreement. We mostly do things on our own, so we have high demand and expectations. Feltia is out, as it was scheduled to be. We are currently looking for labels and we hope that we ‘ll find something soon.

I.M: Any plans on doing shows in Greece or a mini-tour in Europe?

L|O: Yes. We are planning to gig as soon as possible. We want to do that for a long time now.

I.M: Now for the future, are you guys working on any new songs for a new release? What is next for Luna Obscura?

L|O: We have some bits and pieces done, but it is very early to talk about that. At the moment we are focused on promoting Feltia as much as possible, in parallel with contacting labels.

I.M: Up to a few years ago there were only a limited amount of known bands from Greece but now the numbers are increasing. How do you describe the scene in Greece?

L|O: That’s a fact. The last couple of years there are numerous of good bands spreading metal around Greece, and that makes us proud. Greek bands have started to act in a more professional way, working more, and respect the audience. People always ask for more, and we glad that Greek bands are trying their best to fulfill their needs.

I.M: How do you see the impact that technology (internet/etc) has had on music? Especially for Luna Obscura, what do you think you were able to achieve thanks to technology that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago? Also talk about the negative aspect (people downloading your album, etc)

L|O: The metal music industry has its ups and downs. The Internet nowadays helps new bands to promote their work and gives people the ability to download their music. It can make a band famous, but it doesn’t contribute on selling lots of albums. This is something unavoidable, and unfortunately at the moment we cannot do anything about it.

I.M: Any local bands that you want people to listen or be aware they exist?

L|O: There is always a local band that you never heard off, and its probably better than some of the bands out there. Did you search around your area..? :)

I.M: Do you prefer having gigs venues with huge stages or do you prefer the intimacy of a smaller venue and smaller stage, but closer to the crowd? (Please explain what do you
like and why)

L|O: Both. Small stages provide closer contact with the audience. A large venue will offer a big stage with more space, as well as it will enhance the band’s presentation.

I.M: Again, thanks for the interview and good luck in all your future plans. Is there anything else you want to add?

L|O: Thank you too and good luck to you and your future plans with Infernal Masquerade.

To find out more about this band and check out some of their songs (or even order their CD!) visit there myspace here


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