• Lifelover – Konkurs (2010)


    The ever so interesting Prophecy Productions are re-releasing this 2010 one of the most interesting and deranged albums in the last couple of years: Lifelover’s “Konkurs”. Featuring a wide palette of influences ranging from Depressive Black Metal, Ambient, Gothic Metal, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, and everything in between, the band created one of the masterpieces of Experimental music and now we get to have it re-issued and hopefully can reach a bigger audience.

    With the fourteen tracks presented in “Konkurs”, the band has managed to create a hauntingly majestic release that transcends the barriers of musical genres and human emotions. The overall bleak and depressive atmosphere around “Konkurs” is top notch and only bands like Lantlôs and Svarti Loghin can ever come close to it. Be it the combination of genres, or the emotional vocals, it’s left to the listener to discover how Lifelover will affect their psyche with this release.

  • Fangtooth – Fangtooth (2010)


    Featuring two members of Exhuman, today we have Fangtooth, a Doom Metal band from Italy that blends traditional elements of the genre with some Stoner/Southern Metal influences and craft an interesting sound. Featuring six track totaling around 38 minutes of music, this self-title release shows a promising band that is still trying to find their sound.

    While the genre is full of great bands, the younger bands struggle a bit to find their own identity. This is exactly what happens with Fangtooth in their debut full-length release; the band tries too many different things and ends up a bit short in achieving something very cohesive.

  • Exhuman – Fear of Oneself (2010)


    All the way from Italy, today we have Exhuman and their neck-breaking Death Metal that will help remove all the bad taste left from the inexperienced kiddies taking a whack at the genre. With catchy riffs, meaty hooks and overall flawless execution, this band uses the basic elements of the genre to craft seven highly addictive songs.

    Death Metal is a genre full with uninspired bands and it’s refreshing to listen to a band that can hold your attention for over 30 minutes, the duration of this release. Exhuman does not do anything fancy or out of the ordinary, but yet, their music feels just right and creates a solid mixture of old school DM with nice solos and melodic hints.

  • Weapon - From the Devil's Tomb (2010)


    One year after their crushing debut full-length “Drakonian Paradigm”, Canada’s mystical warmongers Weapon return with another brilliant Black/Death Metal assault with “From the Devil’s Tomb”. The band’s rich and multi-textured approach to the genre makes them one of the most devastating bands these days that mixes old-school elements with dynamic songwriting.

    As with the band’s first full-length, “From the Devil’s Tomb” features a highly charged mystical component behind the music in terms of lyrics and concepts, that is greatly brought to life with crushing guitar melodies, powerful riffs, intricate drumming and multi-faceted vocals. The band has greatly matured in one year, making “From the Devil’s Tomb” twice as chilling, and more technically impressive than “Drakonian Paradigm”.

  • Mr. Death - Death Suits You (2010)


    Featuring two members of the original Tiamat, Mr. Death hails from Sweden and it’s ready to blow you away with their super catchy horror-inspired Death Metal. Featuring a very traditional yet effective approach to Death Metal, “Death Suits You” is an album that will remind you of the days when DM was never overly technical and over produced.

    The band’s musical foundation lies with very catchy riffs and intense drumming that are landmarks of the genre. The tempo changes in the songs are another very solid element of this band’s sound and allow them to never get dull or (too) repetitive. Featuring such experienced musicians, Mr. Death has quickly gathered a following of DM fans and it’s easily understandable since their music is very powerful and effective.

  • Stench - In Putrescence (2010)


    With all the uninspired and borings as hell Death Metal releases these days, it comes to us as a shock that Stench’s debut full-length releases “In Putrescence” is as good as it is, especially for a debut album. Hailing from Sweden, the band takes the basics of Death Metal and crafts a very interesting and elaborate sound that makes them sound very unique in comparison to most DM releases these days.

    “In Putrescence” features 8 tracks of highly addictive Death Metal that will have you headbanging for the 30 minutes that the album lasts. This three man band takes a different approach to the chugging riffs of traditional Death Metal and features a wide variety of slow passages that create a very haunting atmosphere when combined with the mournful screams. But they manage to keep a very solid core of catchy riffs, blistering drumming and interesting song structures that never get dull.

  • Frailty – Silence is everything… (2010)


    Lastly from the Frailty promo pack we got in the mail a few days ago we have “Silence is everything…” another EP released by this monumental Death/Doom band from Latvia. In the same vain as on their “EP” release from 2009, we get a glimpse of the band’s excellent songwriting skills and abilities to keep this genre alive and well.

    Starting of with “Wendigo” we get a solid dose of fast paced Death/Doom Metal with passages that reminded us of Anathema in their earlier days (“Pentecost” and “Crestfallen” albums). But with a heavier edge than on the band’s first full-length release and with some harsh almost Black Metal-like screams here and there.

  • Coma – Excess (2010)


    Hailing from Poland, today we have Coma, a band that has ‘dominated’ the scene in their home country and now it’s trying to make their way through the very crowded and highly competitive world-wide market. The band plays a perfect blend of rock with progressive elements and some hints of Metal. “Excess” is a re-recorded version (in English) of their best album, and you can clearly hear that with the quality of the songs presented in this release.

    In an emotional rollercoaster, “Excess” takes the listener through many different moods and a wide variety of different elements fused together to create a near perfect release that will surely put the band in the world wide map. Being formed in 1998, the band has had enough time to craft their sound and be comfortable with it, the musicianship of this release shows that Coma is here to stay and that people should take note of them.

  • Unherz – Uherzlich Willkommen (2010)


    While we are not big German hard rock fans, we have to recognize that Unherz is a very good up-and-coming band that mixes traditional German hard rock elements with a Metal influences. Featuring catchy riffs and melodies, epic chorus sections, and raspy vocals entirely in German, “Uherzlich Willkommen” is a very effective debut release, and will surely gain a ton of followers for Unherz.

    While the similarities to bands like Die Toten Hosen, Unherz quickly crafts their own style by being a bit heavier on the guitars and never shy of breaking some of the ‘traditional’ guidelines of the genre. For over 40 minutes, the listener is treated to 10 catchy as hell songs that will be stuck in your head for days.

  • Unlight – Sulphurblooded (2010)


    Hailing from Germany and on Massacre records, today we have the Black Metal warriors of Unlight, and their blasphemous fifth full-length release “Sulphurblooded”. With around 46 minutes of crushing evilness, the band does a pretty solid job in crafting a very powerful release that will please any fan of traditional Black Metal, with a Thrashy/Swedish vibe to it.

    As you can imagine, Unlight is nowhere close to being an innovative or revolutionary band, but they are great at what they do. Crafting 10 songs of refined Black Metal, Unlight is uncompromising and crushing when it comes to blast beats and riffing power. The band’s sound is both neat and effective, something that only comes with experience, creating a very effective vortex of elements that will blow your away since the first riff.


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