Evergrey - Theories of Emptiness (2024)


Long running Progressive/Power Metal outfit Evergrey is one of the most recognized names in the scene and with “Theories of Emptiness”, the band keeps their momentum going with eleven epic tracks. Totaling over 45 minutes of music, this release continues the band’s highly melancholic journey with well crafted songs that perfectly show the band’s excellent songwriting skills and atmospheric prowess.

Opening with the banger, “Falling From the Sun”, we get Tom S. Englund’s signature vocals perfectly surrounded by subtle atmospherics and crafty instrumentation. We particularly love how the keyboards crafty dark vibes on songs like “Misfortune” and “To Become Someone Else”, giving the band’s sound that extra edge. However, the guitar work is also top notch, with a good amount of engaging solos and a mixture of powerful riffs with melodic passages, as heard on “Say” and “Ghost of My Hero”, our personal favorite song of the release.

The band’s ability to combine power with lush atmospherics and a very melodramatic vibe, makes songs like “We Are the North” and “The Night Within” have the perfect balance of aggression and melody. The futuristic atmospherics are a nice touch to this release, giving it a certain Dark Tranquility-esque vibe and allows tracks like “Cold Dreams” to have different levels of engagement. With tons of layered details, this release has a high replay value.

Overall, Evergrey almost never disappoints and with this release they continue their magical journey. The band’s melancholic side is what appeals to us the most and every single track has that vibe very present. Englund’s vocals are top notch, as always, allowing the stories behind the music to be transferred to the listener. This is definitely one of the best releases from this outfit.

Band: Evergrey Album: Theories of Emptiness

Label: Napalm records

Release: June 7th, 2024

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Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 96/100

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