Top Releases Pushing The Boundaries of 2019

These releases do not subscribe to traditional standards, and push the limits of what we consider Metal music.

5. Laster - Het wassen oog (2019)

Black Metal with Jazzy elements and tons of quirky and different details.

4. Mord’A’Stigmata - Dreams of Quiet Places (2019)

This Polish outfit continues to push their aural limits with more intense Avant-garde Black MEtal madness.

3. In Human Form - III (2019)

Proggy, jazzy, intense, and completely awesome release. If you are in the market for weird... this is one of the best of 2019.

2. Nachtterror - Judgement (2019)

So much to unpack in this very exciting release. Tons of diverse genres are perfectly blended together in one massively unique release.

1. Waste of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis (2019)

We definitely missed out on seeing this live, luckily for everybody, this release captures the madness of this intense commissioned set


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