Jinjer - Macro (2019)


Ukranian sensations Jinjer are ready to drop a massive release with their crushing “Macro”. After a small taste with their “Micro” EP, this release delivers 40 minutes of high-octane groovy music that is unlike any other band these days. Characterized by their mixture of proggy aggressive passages and both hellish and sultry vocals, the band brings their live energy into the studio on this masterful release.

Wasting no time in blowing away the listener, the album starts with the pulsating guitars of “On the Top”. Tatiana Shmailyuk harsh growls set a very crushing atmosphere, only to be brilliantly contrasted later by her clean sections. This duality of vocal styles between heavy and more mellow instrumental sections is key to the band’s unique style and catchiness, as one can hear on both “Pit of Consciousness” and “Retrospection”.

Blending in elements of Grove and Progressive Metal with some Nu Metal influences, the band crafts powerful yet complex tracks like “Pausing Death”. This last track features very energetic drumming and a funky Bass guitar line that weaves back and forth the harsh growls. Another highlight of this release, and the band’s style, is the soaring choruses on tracks like “Noah” and “Come Back”, which are extremely catchy and memorable.

Always relentless and crafty, the band creates intricate tracks full of tempo changes like our favorite “The Prophecy”. These properties are what makes Jinjer one of the most popular bands with their own unique style these days. Skyrocketing to worldwide acclaim, this band is a force to be reckoned with and “Macro” is one hell of a presentation statement for all of those not fans of the band yet.

Band: Jinjer Album: Macro

Label: Napalm Records

Release: October 25th, 2019

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Progressive Groove/Nu Metal

Country: Ukraine

Rating: 90/100

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