Powerwolf - The Sacrament Of Sin (2018)


Unleashing one of the most epic releases of 2018, today we have Germany’s Powerwolf and their killer release “The Sacrament of Sin”. While widely known in Europe, and not so very much in the USA, this outfit delivers epic Power Metal in the vein of Sabaton but with themes around werewolves, dark myths and religion with a humorous twist. For the non-converted, this release features the band’s quintessential energy and vibe that will rock your core and make you an instant fan.

Opening with “Fire & Forgive”, the band sets an epic mood thanks to their magical choir arrangements and killer guitar work. Not wasting any time, the band’s vocalist Attila Dorn leads this outfit with very dynamic vocal melodies and a high-octane vibe, as we can hear in the catchy “Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “Killers with the Cross”.

By the time we reach “Incense and Iron”, you will certainly be a fan of this band for life. The band’s music incorporates typical Power Metal elements as well as some Symphonic/Folk elements that will instantly indoctrinate the listener into their mystical world. For those looking for epic Power-ballad’s, “Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone” keeps things mellow while showcasing intricate guitar leads and highly atmospheric elements.

Kicking things up a notch, “Stossgebet” and “Nightside of Siberia” continue the epic vibe with lush arrangements and an intense pace. Our favorite song has to be the album title track, featuring epic fast sections that will have you headbanging non-stop. After seeing the band live a couple of times, we can totally picture how they will bring such playful songs to live, especially with the stage antics of the band’s keyboardist, Falk Maria Schlegel.

Closing with epic songs like “Venom of Venus” and the dramatic “Nighttime Rebe”, our second favorite track of this release, the band leaves on a very high note with “First By Fist”. Featuring on delivering catchy and playful tracks, Powerwolf have managed to improve on their already epic sound while delivering one of the most intense and brilliant releases of 2018. If you are Power Metal fan, this is one release you certainly do not want to miss this year. Be sure to crack this one out to 11 and enjoy the ride.

Bands: Powerwolf Album: The Sacrament Of Sin

Label: Napalm Records

Release: July 20th, 2018

Homepage | Facebook

Genre: Power Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 98/100

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