Top 5 Atmospheric Black Metal Albums of 2017

Tons of new bands and one-man projects appeared in 2017 playing Atmospheric Black Metal, for every twenty average ones we have one decent one. This list contains the releases we most enjoyed and the bands that should be in your radar.

Honorable Mention: Sunken – Departure (2017)

Jazzy and exploratory at times, "Departure" is a very interesting release that showcases Sunken as a promising outfit to keep track of.

5. Manetheren – The End (2017)

Bleak and punishing, are the best two words to describe number five on the list.

4. Kval – Kval (2017)

Propelled by ravaging rawness, Kaval unleashed one of the most punishing releases of 2017

3. Mavradoxa – Lethean Lament (2017)

Mixing elements from bands like Agalloch, Fen, and Empyrium, this outfit from the USA is poised to be one of the best in North America.

2. None - None (2017)

Perfectly executed Cascadian Black Metal transports the listener to frosty forests with its relentless music.

1. Fen - Winter (2017)

Almost achieving perfection, Fen delivers 75 minutes of brilliant music that further refines their style while still capturing the naiveness and hunger of their first releases.


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