:Nodfyr: – In Een Andere Tijd (2017)


Hailing from the Netherlands, today we have Pagan Metal outfit Nodfyr and their highly engaging and very promising two-song EP titled “In Een Andere Tijd”. Bringing back a certain sound and vibe that we haven’t heard since the late 90’s with bands like Yearning and a few of their Holy Records label mates. Mixing epic clean singing with lush atmospheric elements and a tight Pagan Metal core, this band will certainly catch your attention and standout from the rest.

Led by the highly distinctive vocals of Joris van Gelre (Wederganger, ex-Heidevolk), the album starts with a very basic and yet catchy melody that is perfectly enhanced by Folky guitar leads and very regal clean vocals. The additional string instruments and vocal arrangements add a very lush atmospheric layer to this track, creating a truly memorable and engaging song that will get stuck in your head for days.

This short EP closes with the epic “Ode aan de Ijssel”, a song that at times reminds us of older Therion and similar outfits with very lush vocal arrangements that are not over the top. The atmospheric keyboards give this track that retro vibe, and the distorted guitars perfectly fit the period. The pace of the track is quite engaging and keeps the listener interested and fully entertained for its nearly 8-minute run time.

Overall, “In Een Andere Tijd” is one very promising and entertaining release that showcases the unique musical skills of :Nodfyr:. If you like that old-school Epic Doom and Pagan Metal from the late 90’s, this release will certainly be up your alley and will bring back some excellent memories from those days.

Band: :Nodfyr: Album: In Een Andere Tijd

Label: Ván Records

Release: November 10th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Pagan Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 90/100

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