Nemesea – Uprise (2016)


Slowly completing their musical transformation, today we have Nemesea and their catchy Gothic Rock. Completely separated from the sound on their debut release “Mana”, the band delivers 10 tracks of quite diverse rock music. As a the band has moved more into the mainstream eye, the majority of the band’s music has been growing more generic and the nearly 40 minute duration of this release makes this quite evident.

Opening with the bombastic “Hear Me”, the band nicely grabs the listener’s attention with Manda Ophuis charismatic vocals. Some tracks like the explosive “Forever” remind us of their fellow countrymen Delain. Our favorite track in this release is the highly emotional “Let it Burn” and its very dramatic tone perfectly paired with explosive tempo changes.

As for the rest of the album’s songs, we have hard time really finding anything else that easily stands out. Some stuff like “Time to make it” reminds us of the ill-fated ‘electronic’ era of Theatre of Tragedy. Other tracks like “Can’t believe It” and “Bones” have a certain Amaranth-esque vibe, but nothing quite engaging or very diverse. Finally, the closer is nice and dramatic, but also has a certain jaded top-100 pop/rock anthem feeling to it that really put us off from liking it.

Overall, “Uprise” while not a great release, it is not totally bad. There are some solid songs and a few others that have an eerie similarity to stuff other bands tend to put out, but with less intensity and originality. We loved the band’s previous efforts, but after waiting for this release around 5 years, it feels a bit flat. We can only hope the next one is a lot more bombastic and dynamic.

Band: Nemesea Album: Uprise

Label: Napalm Records

Release: April 29th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic Rock

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 74/100

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