Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed (2015)


All the way from Germany, today we have Powerwolf and their sixth full-length release “Blessed & Possessed”. As one of the catchiest Power Metal bands in the world, the wolves return with another epic album filled with bombastic elements and their signature over-the-top antics. Only improving on their legacy, the band continues their musical onslaught with 11 brilliant tracks.

Setting the stage for a truly epic musical experience, “Blessed & Possessed” opens this release with crushing vocal arrangements and powerful guitar riffs. The band’s clean cut and well defined Power Metal foundations allows them to fully engage the listeners with epic songs. Attila Dorn’s vocal talents are only comparable to Joakim Brodén, meaning they are extremely amazing and very well exploited on tracks like “Dead Until Dark”. With such a charismatic presence and powerful range, tracks like “Army of the Night” are truly an amazing experience.

Changing tempos and moods through the album, allows tracks like “Armata Strigoi” and “We are the Wild” to nicely contrast, yet always feature the signature epic vibe and style from the band. With tons of melodic passages and sing-along sections, this last track is one of our favorites in this release. The guitar work of Charles and Matthew Greywolf is undoubtedly one of the best elements in this release filled with incisive riffs and epic melodies, perfectly rounding up a very lethal musical combination.

Our other favorite tracks in this release include the dramatic “All You Can Bleed” and the theatrical closer “Let There Be Night”, both of which show very different facets from the band. With such enthusiasm and brilliant execution, “Bless & Possessed” is one of the most energetic and powerful releases in 2015. If you like Power Metal and want epic levels of awesomeness, Powerwolf are exactly what you have been looking for, this album is extremely recommended for fans of Sabaton, Sonata Arctica, and similar bands.

Band: Powerwolf Album: Blessed & Possessed

Label: Napalm Records

Release: July 17th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Power Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100

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