Dragonforce – Maximum Overload (2014)


Arriving with one of the most expected releases of 2014, today we have Dragonforce and their epic “Maximum Overload”. Featuring nearly 50 minutes of signature Dragonforce Power Metal, this release further develops their sound and delivers a wide variety of tracks that appeal to fans of the band as well as genre enthusiasts. With Marc Hudson fully incorporated to the band’s style and tempo, this is one the best releases of their career.

Opening with the tour-de-force epic “The Game”, the band deliver their signature vocal melodies alongside the ridiculous guitar skills of Herman Li and Sam Totman. This opening track features some intense growls, making the band sound a bit like Mercenary in their good days, but the band’s traditional playfulness is always present. With epic chorus sections like on “Tomorrow’s Kings” and “No More”, the band will not disappoint any of their legions of fans.

In terms of Power Metal brilliance, “Three Hammers” and “Symphony of the Night” really set the mood for some epic headbanging thanks to the band’s intensity. Things continue to escalate in terms of epicness with the masterful “The Sun is Dead”, one of our favorite tracks of the band…ever. The band has greatly been perfecting their sound to be epic and direct without overly relying/abusing their technical skills as gimmicks.

The album nears its end with the second best track “City of Gold”. In this piece the band opens with soaring guitars and expertly crafted drumming. The keyboard are excellent and greatly elevate this track. This leads to the closer (or the regular edition version of the release), the Johnny Cash cover “Ring of Fire”. Give the Dragonforce treatment, this is actually a pretty cool rendition of this song that might take a bit to grow on you, but the band’s version provides its own identity to a song that is already legendary. The special edition of the release features up to 6 additional songs that will keep you very entertained.

As a well-oiled machine, Dragonforce fires in all cylinders with “Maximum Overload” and delivers a release that any fan of the band and the genre will greatly appreciate. Constantly producing high-quality releases, the band delivers another onslaught of expertly crafted song brilliantly executed…. Nothing short of what we are accustomed to expect from a band like Dragonforce.

Band: Dragonforce Album: Maximum Overload

Label: earMUSIC  (Europe) / Metal Blade Records (North America)

Release: August 18th / 19th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Power Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 91/100

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