The New Black – The New Black (2009)


The New Black hails from Germany, and their music style is a very unique blend of many different musical elements that create something in between classic rock and groove metal. And even if the band’s sound is more main stream it’s still a pretty darn good sound. I think this band has created a very unique fusion of genres, and they are not afraid of adding whatever they think will make the songs sound better (like on “Simplify”).

The whole album is full of great riffs and hook lines that will keep everybody very engaged in the music. All songs are different from each other but still maintain the overall vibe of the band. It even has a certain feeling like southern rock mixed in between. I have to say that this album is a very fine example on how to use ‘old formulas’ together and creating a unique sound. All of these elements are perfectly complemented by Markus Hammer’s vocals which sound like Phil Anselmo’s vocals (Down era).

All 14 tracks of this release are of super quality. The production and mixing of this album gives this band a crisp sound that will have everybody hopping up and down with this music. The catchiness of all songs is a very strong feature of this album, and they will not bore you since all songs have their unique rhythms that will get stuck in your head.

I have to admit that I would have never imagined that I would enjoy this much a release like “The New Black”. This band has provided a new mixture of musical genres that is very interesting and appealing for any metal fan or hard rock fan.

Band: The New Black Album: The New Black
Label: AFM Records

Release: June 2, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Rock

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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