Interview with Fairyland

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. So, let’s get started. After you very success full album “The Fall of an Empire” the standard for Fairyland was set really high. Where you stressed about having to releases a follow up album that kept the same standard or even raised it?

Not really. I never try to fix myself a specific goal when I write music. I just let my mind wander and play whatever I feel is good at the moment. The only imperative here was to release an album in the Fairyland line as soon as possible, in order to keep the project alive in everyone’s mind after the 2007 events. As for the standard, as long as I like what I’m writing, I just cross my fingers for the fans to like it as well…J

After the 2007 tour the band again “imploded” and you had to part was with everybody. Why do you think this has happened more than once to Fairyland?

Well, it happened 2 times altogether. The first time was mainly a matter of professionalism. Come to think of it, the second time was also in parts about professionalism. I’m quite easy to get along with, but I’m dead down intolerant when it comes to professionalism, or as was the case for the second lineup, general attitude towards the fans and business partners. Some of the guys just didn’t share my view on music and general band image, and admitted that they didn’t like Fairyland’s music. They were just in it for their personal benefits. Then one of the guys started acting like Axel Rose or something (whom he worships, but I’m not talking about the singer here), and a lot of tension built up. Looking back on the situation with this guy and the others, I feel quite confident in my choice to work without them.

As stated on your MySpace page, you took a different approach to the new album by using plenty of guest appearances instead. Do you think this will complicate things when Fairyland will be doing live shows? How was your experience in recording "Score To A New Beginning" with this approach (would you do it again?)?

About live shows, there is already a fixed lineup. It consists of all the guys from Pathosray minus their keyboardist, plus Chris Menta on guitars and me on keyboards. So all in all, live shows won’t really be a problem. As for the recording, it was the smoothest, easiest and funniest I’ve been through so far. If I had to do it again, I’d sign right away. Sure, it can be a bit heavy on the logistic side, but the process is so interesting and enjoyable that all else is forgotten.

The title of the new album "Score To A New Beginning" sounds self descriptive of the band problems of the past and the new approach to this album you took. Is the title also descriptive about the whole album concept and ideas behind it? If so can you elaborate on these topics (concept and ideas)?

Yes, Score to a New Beginning actually fits both the band’s situation and the album’s concept (that was lucky). As for the concept itself, it is the final chapter of the Osyrhian Chronicles, a story retelling 500 years of wars taken from the 6000+ years of the main concept Osyrhia. So even though this is the end of this specific period, it is not the end of Osyrhia at all. And for the storyline, I’d invite anyone interested to buy the album. There’s a résumé in the booklet.

Are you currently satisfied with the end result of "Score To A New Beginning"?

I’m quite satisfied, yes. I’ve been listening to it again and again for some time now, and the only flaws in production I can find are minor. As for the music itself, I really like it, but I’m not the one who’s supposed to judge. I just really hope the fans and new listeners will enjoy it as well. Anyway, I won’t promise to do better on the next one, even though I’ll try very hardJ.  

What are your main musical influences or ideas that drive Fairyland’s music?

I have many influences, ranging from metal to movie soundtracks and folk/traditional music. I listen to a lot of genres and get some inspiration from there. For the drive itself, it is mainly my imagination and the concept. I try to imagine what I want to illustrate musically like a movie sequence and find the appropriate soundtrack. In my head, it’s all really good looking so far.

Will Fairyland become a full band, or will it stay as a one man band with guests in the future? What lineup will you present live in your September 2009 shows?

About the live lineup, I’ve just answered that a few questions ago. The solo format has quite a lot of very satisfying sides and drastically annihilates the “bad” parts of a permanent lineup. It is just blissful to be able to work without having to take care of the other members’ personal problems (I already have enough on my own). But I also understand that the public likes a “real” band. So maybe there will be a permanent lineup again sometime in the future. Nothing is carved in stone.

Any future plans about touring in the US?

Nothing at the moment. Touring in the States can be quite expensive (plane tickets alone are overkill). But if an opportunity ever comes up, I’ll be sure to bust my butt off in order to make it happen. I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida and visited quite a few places in the US, and I’d really like to hit the road there.

How would you describe your musical growth since your first album with Fairyland all the way to the latest?

I don’t have the foggiest idea, honestly. This is such a subjective matter that I wouldn’t really know where to start. On the concrete side, I’d say I’ve taken enough flak (and dodged some) to be able to impose my vision of Fairyland, to a lesser or greater extent. I guess that’s what they call maturity…

If you could take back any decision you have made in the music business which one would you take back, and why?

Bet you were thinking about the name. But I will say it again: the name fits perfectly to the kind of universe I’m trying to build with Fairyland’s music. If people just look at the initial meaning of “Fairyland” from Celtic legends and such, it would be crystal clear. Anyway, mainly I’d say hiring the son of a bitch who started all the tensions in the band and destroyed a few friendships in his wake. That’s so far my biggest regret. Little side note: when everyone left, their “manager” asked me in very definite ways to remove any and all references to the ex-members from Fairyland’s website and Myspace, stating that they didn’t want to be linked to Fairyland in any way anymore. So all in all I’m quite happy to see now that they only have recoded 4 demo songs in 3 years with their new project, and are still using the name Fairyland as a way to advertise. Oh irony! Does that make me sound like an ass?

Thanks for the interview, are there any other things you guys want to add for our readers?

Thanks to you, and thanks to those who’ve taken the time to read this. I hope you’ll all enjoy the new album and that, someday, we’ll meet somewhere on the road for an ice cold beer and a nice gig!


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