Interview with Jungle Rot

Thanks for the interview, and let’s get started with the questions:

“What Horrors Await” is you new album that features great death metal music. Is the old school vibe something the band shoots for? Or it just comes naturally based on the band members influences?

Hi ….yes it’s a little of both. It’s what I feel when I write the music. I grew up in the mid 80`s, so that’s what took my soul first. killer bands like Sodom, Celtic, Destruction, and Sacrifice. There’s not too many band doing this style of music left, we will carry the torch to continue this style going so we don’t forget what influence so many bands when they first started playing.

What is the concept behind “What Horrors Await”? How would the band compare this album to your previous releases?

I feel we went back to playing faster. We did the cover song from Destruction on the the CD and that help us to pick up the speed a little. It’s fun to play fast again. But we still stayed with the brutal groove that we are known for.

“What Horrors Await” has received very positive feedback from the press? How do you think fans will accept and receive this album?

I think they will like it a lot. Our fans know what they are getting when they buy our CD`s. We have a trade mark sound that we have been doing now for over 15 years. It’s the old school groove we’re known for and there’s plenty of it on the new disc.

You recently signed to Napalm Records, any special reason on why the band picked this label?

I knew Marti Paine from when we were with Olympic rec`s. We got to talking and he said he was now running the U.S office for Napalm. We always had a great working relationship with him before, so we sent a promo of our new stuff. They made us an offer and we went with it. I think they’re a kick ass label with a lot of different styles of bands on there roster and there not afraid to take chances.

How do you think the band has evolved from your formation in 1994 to the current status of the band in 2009?

When I first started to play it was fun just getting together and making noise. I never thought this band would get this far but I always had it in my heart to do it. I made a lot of bad choices in the beginning but learned over the years to think before I react. I think the band has evolved over the years by staying true to ourselves.

Will the band go and explore in other genres of metal for future releases? Any metalcore albums from Jungle Rot in the near future?

No not at this time. But I would love to sing for a hardcore band for fun.  I have a lot of core in my blood as well.

What do you guys think about the current trends in the American metal scene? What kind of people show up to your shows these days compared to your shows back when the band was starting? How do people react to your music now versus your early beginnings?

The trends in the scene, if you’re talking about the deathcore, I think it is helping the scene out a lot. It is opening a lot of new ears to the underground music scene today. I know that the retro thrash is coming back strong as hell and that’s making the scene bigger then ever. It’s nice to see the next level of bands that are popping out today to continue the movement of the underground. It seams we will still have the super old school crowed that comes out to our shows. They will never let it go, but they are a little to old to get up front or get into the pit. That’s where the new scene of kids come in to tear shit up. When we first started to do shows there would be small turn out, over the years we’ve won a lot of people over with our death groove style.  Now we can do headlining tours in Europe and we thank every one who believes in us and supports the rot.

Any extensive touring planned in the US in support of the new album?

It is very hard for us to get on tours in the U.S. due to all the politics in the scene today. There just too many favors being owned. It’s pretty shitty that a band likes us that have been doing this for over 15 years can not get on tours. This Style of music was cool 10 years ago but now with so many younger bands coming out, it’s hard to get on some of the good packages. A lot of the shows we do in the U.S. we still book ourselves, but in Europe they get it. We have a good agency that brings us over there every year. We will be on tour in Europe in September.

How has the internet (MySpace, etc) and technology (cheaper recording tools) impacted how you promote your band?  What have been the advantages and disadvantages of this?

I think its helps out a lot with MySpace. Everything is just a click away. You get all the updates and shows info every day. Back when I started it was all thru mail we would tape trade and send flyers and ads threw the underground.   I remember I would mail out like 30 letters a week. Over time it would start to cost money. Now you can go crazy and put anything up on your page like video`s and songs, it helped out a lot.

Again, thanks for the interview, is there anything else you want to add for our readers?

Thanks if you get a chance to see us live come on out and show some support and don’t miss it. And we hope everyone like the new CD.


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