Interview with Diabulus in Musica - Zuberoa and Gorka (2014)

Days before the unleashing of the band's latest release "Argia", we managed to have a conversation with the masterminds behind Diabulus in Musica: Zuberoa and Gorka. In this interview we talk about how their latest release came around and how the band dealt with the loss of 3 band members. This interview is in Spanish and we have separated it by individual questions.

Question: Can you tell us a bit more about the band's latest release "Argia"?

Question: What would you say that makes this release different from the previous ones?

Question: Do you think there was any pressure to keep going as a band and release this album as soon as you completed the line-up?

Question: How is the scene in Spain and the Basque region? Was it dificult to find new musicians to complete the band's line-up?

Question: Can you tell us more about the touring plans of the band?

Question: What would you say is the main selling point of "Argia"?

Question: Any chance of making a show having all the symphonic elements played live?

Read our review of "Argia" here.

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