Interview with Saga

Infernal Masquerade: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. So, let’s get started:

Saga has been around for over 30 years, in a few sentences how would you say all this experience has shaped the band into its current state?

Ian: We’ve been threw a number of players in the band, especially drummers, its been an on going development, now after all these years we are refreshed with a new sound, still us, but Rob’s set of pipes are awesome.

I.M: How you compare “The Human Condition” to all of your earlier releases?

Ian: It would have been the next record in line generally but working with Rob has brought a new dimension, that we’re very excited about.

I.M: How was the concept of the album conceived?

 Ian: As always we choose a subject, it works in composing a whole CD, Human Condition was found by Mike Filsinger, our friend, lighting tech,

I.M: How do you think/hope “The Human Condition” will be received by the fans of the band, mainly because of the vocalist change?

Ian: We hope they like this as much as we do, its like being new again, Rob is such a great vocalist that it should be taken at face value.

I.M: It took almost a year to find a new vocalist, how did this process take place? How did you imaged the hard-core fans of the band will react to his take on older songs?

Ian: It was long search, there was 40 submitions on our site, and more through people we know, it came down to 5 people, we held an audition March/08 at Metalworks studio;s Mississuaga, 2,  from the U.S. 2 from Canada, and…..Finland, Rob won the day hands down. Rob cuts the older material great,

I.M: “The Human Equation” is a great album, at the same level than your previous releases. Can you elaborate on the writing process behind the album? Was it completed before finding a vocalist?

Ian: No, it was started after finding Rob, Rob and I wrote from the summer right up to Xmas, I’d write music and send it to him he would put vocals on it and send it back, he’s got great equipment at home.

I.M: The band has not toured in the US for more than 20 years now, any reason behind this? Any touring planed to support “The Human Condition” in the USA?

Ian: We haven’t toured in the States for so long, we were not the flavor of the day, things are changing though, younger people are getting into prog much more these days, we are working on doing U.S. dates at the moment

I.M: Saga is currently on tour, how are the shows going with the new vocalist? How are the fans reacting to the change?

Ian: Great! Like I was saying, Rob cuts our older stuff no problem.

I.M: What can we expect from Saga in the future? Any signs of wanting to hang your instruments up, or can we expect plenty of more albums and tours from the band?

Ian: We plan to keep it going, there’s no slowing down…..might get bored,

I.M: How do you see the progressive rock scene these days? Which bands would you say are the best out there?

Ian: I think its starting to come around again, I think people are tired of normal formulas,

I.M: What do you think, have been the advantages of technology in the music business in the last decade or so? Now we see more and more band, better album production and more people producing higher quality releases, what is your take on this? And how has this benefited Saga?

Ian: Technology has helped a lot, even the fact that when writing this CD we could go send material to each other without driving and pony express, its made everything easier to get done.

I.M: Thanks for the interview, are there any other things you guys want to add for our readers?

Ian: We plan to in peoples faces again,….love recording and playing live!


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