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Been listening to metal for (years):
14 years
Metal related activities:
I have played music in several bands (years ago).
I have organized shows in my home country.
I’ve been writing reviews for several years and different websites (i’m not an English major and you can tell).
I try to support metal music as much as I can with no desire of profit.
Favorite beer / alcoholic drink:
Guiness, Indio, Caguama Carta Blanca and Fat Tire among others.
Favorite Bands:
Ablaze In Hatred, Amorphis, Alghazanth, Amon Amarth, Anathema, Arcturus, Before The Dawn, Dalrida, Dark Tranquility, Draconia, Eisregen, Elis, Empyrium, Gothmog, Into Eternity, Kalmah, Hold, Misanthenia, My Dying Bride, Orphaned Land, Rotting Christ, Samael, Scar Symmetry, Sinisthra, Solefald, Swallow The Sun, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Tristania (old), Theatre of Tragedy (old), Turmion Katilot, Tyr, Vesperian Sorrow, Winds, Woods Of Ypres. Among a very long list.
Favorite genres:
Melodic Death Metal, Death/Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Progressive Metal.
Best live performances seen:
The Sins Of Thy Beloved + The Gathering, Tristania + Whispering Silence + Hydra, Tuska Warm-up: Amorphis + Epica + Nightwish, Amorphis + Samael + Virgin Black, Orphaned Land at Progpower festival. After Tuska: Alghazanth + Enochian Crescent + Horna, Orphaned Land at Propower Atlanta, USA
Bands I wish I would have seen live:
Arcturus, Empyrium, Elis (original lineup), Theatre Of Tragedy (original lineup), among others.
Bands I have to watch live before they disband or I die:
Anathema, My Dying Bride, Draconian, Saturnus, plus many more!
Top 10 Albums of All time (in my opinion):
This is a list of albums I think shaped the direction of several musical genres or had great influence on my, it’s not a ‘universal’ list and most people will disagree

  • Tristania – “Widows Weeds”
  • The Sins Of Thy Beloved – “ Lake Of Sorrow”
  • Arcturus – “ La Masquerade Infernale”
  • Dimmu Borgir – “Enthroned Darkness Triumphant”
  • Anathema – “Eternity”
  • My Dying Bride – “Turn Loose The Swans”
  • Darkthrone – “Transilvanian Hunger”
  • Satyricon “Nemesis Divina”
  • Winds – “Reflections of The I”
  • Ulver – “Bergtatt”

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